Caring is much more than an act; Caring is an attitude.

Capacity Building

Caring is much more than an act; Caring is an attitude.

Taking care of someone is not just caring for the physical body. It also entails observing unsaid words, expressed through a body which is often fragile, debilitated, or contained and not accustomed to manifestations of affection. Due to lack of space and because of fear, this body is withdrawn and hides major physical and emotional manifestations which can later result in illnesses. Being attentive about prevention promotes better health and quality of life.

Caregiver of the elderly is a recognized profession. It is on the list of the Brazilian Labor Ministry´s Classification of Occupations, under Code Number 5162-10 (Caregiver of the Elderly and Caregiver of the Institutionalized Elderly). This professional experience is also required of people who work at Long-Term Care Homes for the Elderly.


Schedule training and caregiving programs for professionals working with patients who need special care. The program trains and prepares caregivers to meet patients´ special needs appropriately. The objective is to reintegrate the patient into his or her daily life and to understand the factors that lead to this reintegration.


Hold training programs to prepare caregivers to work with clients who need special care, so that the needs of these clients are met accordingly.

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